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Entering the contest is very easy. Just upload your video where it is indicated.


  1. Upload your video only, do not upload someone else's.

  2. We reserve the right to qualify the videos to participate in the contest. We only feature the best six videos per week.

  3. Your video must be in compliance with our terms in order to qualify for the contest.

  4. Every Wednesday we announce the winner.

  5. Winners will be notified by the email address you entered in your registration form.

  6. The weekly winner will be promoted for one week on our social network channels.

  7. No video can enter more than once in the contest in a three month period.

  8. You can only win once. Do not re enter your video after winning.

  9. Explicit language disqualifies a video.

  10. No videos older then 2014.


  1. Song: Pick a song that allows you to be exhibited at your best. Your favorite song isn’t necessarily the best song for your voice or range. Try different songs, ask for your friends’ critical opinions before you decide on the one.

  2. Sound Quality: Sometimes it is better to record your singing and video separately. Then put them together with an editing tool.

  3. Music: Try not to sing acapella, If you don’t have music to accompany your song, try this or

  4. Lighting: Be sure you have adequate lighting in front of you. Too much can wash you out.  Too little could be too dark

  5. Physical Background: Try and keep the background simple. Try to sing with your back against a  plain color wall. If possible avoid singing at your desk or in your bedroom. (Or do so in a way where the viewer can’t tell you're in your bedroom!)  We want people to stay focused on you and not your superman bedsheets, even if they are awesome.

  6. Outfit: Wear properly arranged clothes, remember you want to look like a star. Also be sure that your clothes don’t blend in with the background and that the colors are video friendly. .,

  7. Movement: Try to dance and perform like a star. If possible don’t record yourself sitting down or on your bed. If you find yourself with no other option, be engaging. Remember practice makes perfect.  Make a dynamic performance & have fun!!

  8. Full shoot video: If you’re dancing and performing, a full shoot of your whole body is a must, the viewer wants to see you. In this shoot you cannot record your voice at the same time you dance, so you need to do it separately.

         Entering the contest is easy.  Just fill out the registration form and upload your video where it is indicated.