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Cody Simpson's 'special project with Bieber'

posted Jun 23, 2014, 7:08 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 23, 2014, 7:09 AM ]
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Cody Simpson reveals he and Justin Bieber are working on a 'special project'.

The 17-year-old Australian musician has a lot in common with the Canadian pop star, as they both launched successful careers after becoming YouTube sensations.

And now Cody confirms he and Justin are collaborating on some new music.

"[We're working on a] cool special project,' Cody told ET Online.

"He just called me up and he's been seeing my guitar skills recently. We wrote a beautiful song and it's definitely going to lead to more stuff.'

Cody doesn't think he and Justin have very much in common outside of their professional pursuits, however.
"We're both heading in different directions as we grow up,' the Aussie noted, before adding, "He's becoming a cool musical mate of mine."

Before becoming a pop sensation, Cody was a dedicated athlete and he aspired to compete in the Olympics.

And if the Surfboard singer didn't make it in music, he probably would've been racing in swimming pools for a living.

"I was an Australian champion competitive swimmer before I got really serious into my music," Cody said.
The star released his second studio album Surfers Paradise last year and he's currently preparing to go on his The Acoustic Session tour.

When Cody first made it big in 2009, he briefly served as the opening act on Justin's incredibly popular Believe tour.