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Why in the world do we not have a worldwide talent contest yet?

posted Dec 9, 2013, 12:18 PM by   [ updated Dec 10, 2013, 1:13 PM by George Ruiz ]

We have world contests in almost all kind of categories; we have the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup and Miss Universe, just to mention some, but we don’t have a world talent contest yet. I’m talking about a kind of contest like American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice. I call all of them “local talent contest,” because they’re located between the boundaries of individual nations, and even though almost every country has its own American Idol-type show, we lack one worldwide.

So what is the reason for this void on the world stage? How come talent contest giants have not come out with something like this yet? Simon Cowell, for instance, was going to be part of something called World American Idol, an international competition between past Idol winners  in each country. However, the intent failed and Mr. Cowell hated the format.

But let’s give Simon Cowell some kudos, as this year, he started a world talent contest online, The You Generation, but this is a talent contest for all kinds of arts and it does not have the relevance that a worldwide competition deserves. Maybe if Cowell invested more time in promotions and offered bigger prizes, it would generate more buzz.

Also this year, Youtube launched the YouTube MusicalAward. However, it is about awards and not really a world musical competition. Besides, how can an amateur artist compete against Lady Gaga or Psy?

There are several other world talent contests online, and if you search the internet you would find them, but they all  lack the prominence necessary for a world event,  even though they present themselves as such. You cannot claim worldwide recognition when your contest is in one language and only touches a few thousand people.

Yes, I have to admit that not having a world musical talent competition yet is puzzling to me because music is more popular than sports. Ask yourself if you know of any person, group of people, tribe or nation that doesn’t like music.Universal songs have been bringing people together for years!

Until we really get a global talent contest, we’ll have to digest local contest shows like those featured on primetime TV. I would like to see the extraordinary talent that other countries could offer. Imagine how exciting it would be to see a real world talent contest in all of its fanfare. Maybe someday somebody will do it…