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Manicanparty – Warpaint

posted May 16, 2014, 8:29 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 16, 2014, 8:31 AM ]
Manicanparty Warpaint on Indie Trendsetters

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Why I like Manicanparty – Warpaint:
Working 12 hour days for a landscaper has it’s ups – and it’s downs. I hope for all of your sakes that you have found a (summer) job you enjoy, but for those days when you work all day and sleep half the night (like myself) you need some serious musical spice. Cue Manicanparty.

When I am in need of a serious pump up jam this week – this is the song I turn to. It soars in the high registers and pounds out the bass all while cranking out pure fighting spirit that keeps me going. Manicanparty’s real victory within this song is their ability to subtly design the instrumentals around the “warpaint” theme. The drums are militantly drilled, there is a very war-time tribal feel the the regular “hey’s,” and in parts there is almost the feel that a whole army is singing with Jess Corazza. Overall “Warpaint” is a powerful and exhilarating beat driven war-cry, a finely tuned orchestra of percussion and bass with a dash of synth an stunning vocals.

My wife is also a big fan of Warpaint. She says with a smile on her face, “It is so catchy, it makes me shake my pregnant Buddha belly.”
What about the people behind Manicanparty?  male/female duo (our favourite kind of duo) from Brooklyn. They draw creativity from the uphills in life’s divots, adding elements of unity and female empowerment, resulting in a discography of uplifting, encouraging music.

Manicanparty Warpaint Official Video
Manicanparty’s accompanying video has a very unique tribal/post-apocalyptic feel to it, employing makeshift armour, dark clothing and of course, a little warpaint. Enjoy!