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Marcus Mumford: I regret band name

posted Apr 23, 2015, 9:07 AM by Unknown user
added: 23 Apr 2015 // by: Newsdesk 

Marcus Mumford thinks the name of his band is "a b**lache".

The 28-year-old is the lead singer of Mumford & Sons. The group rose to prominence in 2009 only two years after forming, and with hindsight, Marcus wishes they had chosen a different moniker.

"I definitely regret the band name,' he admitted to NME. 'If I'd known that it was going to go this way I would have wanted to call it anything other than my last name. It's a b**l ache. We thought about changing it, but it's a bit late now.'

The band, which also consists of Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane have released two hugely successful albums, with their third, Wilder Mind, about to drop. The guys still can't believe they get to perform around the world and while there are elements of their success that aren't as enjoyable, Marcus added that they have had to accept that some things go with the territory.

"It all happened really fast. We have to get comfortable with that, and not say: 'F**k it, we want to be a tiny pub band'," he added. "It's an opportunity to make more music, and as long as it's about that I'm cool with it all. If we were big for any other reason then I'd be questioning it, but we're not male models, I can tell you that.'

But despite their success, the band is aware that they're not everyone's cup of tea. Marcus was on the receiving end of a blunt criticism in a bar in New York recently, but instead of being offended, he was quite pleased.

"'I f**king hate your band,'" he recalled the man saying. "I was like, 'you're a legend, mate. Have a good night!' I quite like that. I don't really want everybody to like our music. That would be really boring. It's about taste isn't it?"